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Architecture & Devotion

Naulakha Temple is a Beautiful Architectural Temple of Radha and Lord Krishna

  • 2nd October, 2020
  • Kumar Kunal

Naulakha Mandir/Temple is one of the major attractions of Deoghar located 2 km from the main town. The Architecture of the temple resembles to that of Ramakrishna Math Belur Kolkata. The temple has beautiful idols of Radha and Krishna ranging about 146 ft in height.

The Temple has an unusual history to tell. It was constructed by a donation of Rs 9 Lakhs (hence the name of Naulakha) by Queen Charushila of Pathuria Ghat King’s family from Kolkata. It is said that the queen left her home, grieved by the untimely deaths of her husband Akshay Ghosh and son Jatindra Ghosh. At Tapovan she met holy Saint Balananda Brahmachari who advised her to construct this temple.

If you are in the City

The cheapest way to reach Naulakha Temple is to hire a Paddle Rickshaw from any part of Deoghar. If you are coming from Jasidih, you may hire an Autorickshaw or a Taxi.


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